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Fujitsu Airstage ASTG24KMTC Air Conditioner

Fujitsu Airstage ASTG24KMTC Air Conditioner, Vital Air Conditioning Services

Key Features


Human Sensor Control

The ASTG24KMTC is equipped with an innovative Human Sensor Control, which detects human presence in the room. This feature allows the unit to adjust its operation based on occupancy, optimizing energy use and enhancing efficiency. When no movement is detected, the system will switch to energy-saving mode, reducing power consumption.

Economy Mode

For those looking to minimise their energy usage, the Economy Mode feature is ideal. This mode limits the maximum power consumption of the air conditioner, helping to save energy and reduce electricity bills without compromising on comfort.

Weekly Timer

The ASTG24KMTC offers a customizable weekly timer, allowing you to set on/off schedules for up to seven days. This feature provides convenience and ensures the unit operates according to your lifestyle, maintaining a comfortable environment at all times.

Apple-Catechin Filter

Maintaining clean indoor air is a priority with the ASTG24KMTC. The advanced Apple-Catechin Filter traps fine dust, mold spores, and microorganisms using static electricity and polyphenol extracted from apples. This ensures that the air circulated by the unit is not only cool but also healthy.

Blue Fin Heat Exchanger

Designed to enhance durability, the Blue Fin Heat Exchanger offers superior corrosion resistance, particularly beneficial for homes in coastal areas. This technology extends the lifespan of the unit, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Super Quiet Mode

Noise can be a significant distraction, but with the ASTG24KMTC, you can enjoy a peaceful environment. The Super Quiet Mode reduces operational noise, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices where tranquility is essential.

Technical Specifications

  • Operation Type: Reverse Cycle
  • Cooling Capacity: 7.10 kW (1.1 – 8.3)
  • Heating Capacity: 8.00 kW (1.1 – 10.1)
  • EER (Cooling Efficiency): 3.41
  • COP (Heating Efficiency): 4.19
  • Refrigerant Type: R32
  • Dimensions (Indoor Unit): 280 x 980 x 240 mm
  • Dimensions (Outdoor Unit): 716 x 820 x 315 mm
  • Noise Level: 29-49 dBA (indoor), 52-54 dBA (outdoor)
Fujitsu Airstage ASTG24KMTC Air Conditioner, Vital Air Conditioning Services

Advanced Technologies

i-PAM Inverter Technology

The ASTG24KMTC incorporates i-PAM Inverter Technology, which improves the efficiency and performance of the air conditioner. This technology ensures that the unit delivers consistent and reliable cooling and heating, adapting to varying conditions.

V-PAM Inverter Technology

Complementing the i-PAM technology, V-PAM Inverter Technology increases the compressor output for high power, enhancing the unit’s capacity to quickly reach and maintain the desired temperature.

Automatic Louvre Adjustment

The automatic louvre adjustment adapts the airflow direction based on the operating mode, ensuring even distribution of air throughout the room for optimal comfort.

Auto Restart

In the event of a power outage, the Auto Restart function resumes operation with the previous settings once power is restored. This feature ensures continuous comfort without the need to reset the unit manually.

Demand Response Compatibility

The ASTG24KMTC is compatible with electricity suppliers’ demand response programs, adjusting its operation to help manage energy consumption during peak demand periods.

Energy and Performance Ratings

  • Star Rating (Cooling): 3.5 (Hot, Average, Cold)
  • Star Rating (Heating): 3 (Hot), 2.5 (Average), 2 (Cold)
  • Seasonal Performance Factor (Residential Cooling): 5.039 (Average)
  • Seasonal Performance Factor (Residential Heating): 4.212 (Average)
  • Seasonal Performance Factor (Commercial Cooling): 6.234 (Average)
  • Seasonal Performance Factor (Commercial Heating): 4.421 (Average)
Fujitsu Airstage ASTG24KMTC Air Conditioner, Vital Air Conditioning Services

User-Friendly Features

Auto-Off Timer

The auto-off timer allows you to set a time for the air conditioner to stop operation automatically, providing convenience and energy savings.

Filter Sign

The filter sign feature alerts you when the filter needs cleaning, ensuring the unit maintains optimal performance and air quality.

Powerful Mode

For immediate comfort, the Powerful Mode quickly conditions the room by operating at maximum capacity until the desired temperature is reached.

Sleep Timer

The sleep timer gradually adjusts the temperature to create a comfortable sleeping environment, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Washable Panel

Maintenance is made easy with the washable panel, which can be cleaned with a damp cloth, ensuring the unit remains in top condition.
Fujitsu Airstage ASTG24KMTC Air Conditioner, Vital Air Conditioning Services

Purchase and Installation

The Fujitsu General ASTG24KMTC includes both indoor and outdoor units, along with a wireless remote controller for easy operation. Optional accessories such as wired remote controllers and Wi-Fi control kits are available for enhanced functionality. Professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the unit.

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